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The first scene involves the stunning Jacqueline Beudant, who is having her pussy eaten by another lovely lady, while Gillis watches and corrects, while his servants give him a blow job. This is followed by the doctor fucking the lady while the whore, now called "Misty Beethoven" receives the lesson on sexual positions. This is a good and erotic scene that is also funny, and it also ends in a cum shot on the lady's belly. Scene two now has Misty learning how to be sexy and alluring instead of a fuck machine, she tries the good doctor's advice with a gay male art gallery owner. This is a funny scene, with lots of foreplay, and lots of great reaction shots as she seduces the Queen, then sucks him hard and ends up fucking him. Nice cum shot on his belly, which was fair. Now the movie sort of vacillates back and forth between training scenes, sex scenes, and reaction scenes, all showing that Misty is becoming great. The technique is like many montages in regular movies that show a person going through a lot of change. In scene three there is a stylized sex scene at a party, where Misty makes love to a guy and a girl. She is on her own with no doctor around to guide her, and the elegant three way is a real treat.

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